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On Marawi's Militarization

On Marawi's Militarization
By Cyrollah Disoma

WHEN the news came out that President Duterte has plans of constructing a 400-M military base at my city, a brave Meranao woman whom I admire so much for her intelligence instantly expressed her disagreement, citing that such action would not be beneficial for the Meranao people. Few vocal youth activists also joined the call to stop such plan. I remained silent. I refuse to join the online discourse over the matter because I feel like I have no enough argument.
One thing must be clear. I am no supporter of the current administration. I've lost all my hope along with the many bombs dropped at ground zero many months ago. The claim that militarization would prevent any future extremist ideology resurfacing in the besieged city seems out of the picture. I don't think that it answers and will answer the perennial peace and order problem in this part of the country. Rather, it may even attract the unwanted response.
Why militarization…

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